Famous people on countries' street names

What is this

The most famous persons in every country's history, be them scientists, heroes, poets or politicians are usually given an eternal place of honor on street signs. That is, by naming streets in the recognition of their deeds. So I've taken each country from every continent and found out all such names and arranged them from the most frequent to the less known faces.

Why did you do it

Well, why not? Seriously now, this is a great way to discover world history. Or purely for curiosity's sake. Given that each entry links to their respective wikipedia article, with plenty of links to empires of the past, literature genres, regions of the world and what not, there is plenty of material for the adventurous minds out there. Hint: scroll down to the end of the country's page for the less frequent street names (alternatively, use the reverse button).

How did you do it

All the data is taken from openstreetmap. They are not my invention. If the data speaks of evil, don't shoot the messenger! What I did was take all this info from openstreetmap, clean it up, find out what entries are really street names, extract those, clean up the duplicates, merge similar naming streets into one, sum them all up and find a wikipedia article for each person with a relevant summary and a nice picture. The orange number to the right of each name is that sum from above, the total number of cities where that name appears at least on one street.
I've also included names of novels ("Bolek and Lolek"), hereditary titles, fictional characters and the like to make things more interesting.
As an extra fun piece of data, I was wondering what does each country appreciate the most. That is, a hero, a poet or a politician? With the filter button you can see all the poets of the past for that country, for exemple. One caveat: while some AI would have worked great here to extract a list of what each person does, I've instead extracted the keywords from the wikipedia summary page. But that extracts garbage, too, so the filtering is not 100% accurate. It will get better with time, I promise, once I'll add more and more keywords the old-school way, by hand.


Sure, this is not a scientific paper, but a project to scratch some personal itch. At such, I'm not claiming it is 100% accurate. There are not only street names in there since, by the way openstreetmap users tag stuff, it is impossible (programatically speaking) to distinguish between a street, a bridge, a school, a square or any other such landmarks. If it has a human name attach to it, I'll swallow it up. Adding to this pain, the Asian countries are the least known to me so for that region I have gathered the least amount of data. It doesn't mean it's not there it's just harder for me to distinquish between names.
For the technical details, see the project's github page.