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Emacs workspace management with tab-bar mode

The explanation and code for workspace management in Emacs that I've found useful and I've developed for my own use. Highly opinionated. To be adapted for your use case.

A non-standard book list for software developers

A short but heavy reading book list that I've found most useful in the last 10-15 years of software practice. They have helped me tremendously in the way I approach the understanding, learning and using big logical systems of which programming languages and software development, in general, are a part of.

Split programmable keyboards against back and wrist pain

What is one to do when back and wrist pain does not let one sleep well? Change its keyboard and discover a new world of possibilities in the process. This is a short personal piece on how I came to discover that my intensive keyboard use was leading to health problems, how I overcame it and why I think touch typing and split programmable keyboards should be embraced by software developers.

A Lisp adventure on the calm waters of the dead C

Some examples of Lisp features which are non-implementable in C, together with an analysis of the reasons for the language rigidness. The article was born out of my scribbles while studing the Scheme standard and it is supposed to be a guide for a better understandling of the Lisp language, in general. Sometimes it helps to write to clear the fog and clarify the concepts that you are trying to grasp.

Vuiet, or the long road to building my own music player in Emacs Lisp

When I've posted my Emacs text-only music player online, someone replied to my short overview of the tool with this should be a blog post, my friend. So I wrote one, and here it is. The implementation part was not the biggest challenge, though. The hardest part is figuring out how the tool should look and what it should do in the first place. And for this, I needed to throw a lot of code away. Read on.

Use your palms to press the Control keys in Emacs

Over the years I've learned to use my palm to press the controls keys after some advice I've found online. This is an article encouraging that method to potential users. I've since replaced it with a split keyboard, but it has served me well all this time. I hope it will serve you too.

Romanian Translation of Lessons in Electronic Circuits

I've started this project, a Romanian translation of the famous Lessons In Electronic Circuits, back in 2009. This is only useful for Romanian users at high-school or undergraduate level in Electronics or Electrical Engineering. The original site got hacked in 2013, but I've managed to recover the raw html files, transform them in org files and generate the whole site from them. The old side is now available as a waybackmachine capture. I hope it will be useful for anyone still loving the art of electronics, as I once did.

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