If Lisp is so great

then why is not everybody using it? An non-standard answer with the conclusion that the question itself is incomplete and thus irrelevant

The Event Loop simplified

What has the Event Loop to do with standing in lines to buy groceries? A lot, if one want to minimize the time spent outside in freezing temperatures

Observer teams

Software teams that have not mastered the technical language invent their own observer language together with the adoption of legions of tools and procesess

Soloists and populars

A generic distinction between the style and motivations behind big, corporation-like software teams and small, independent ones

Famous people on street names worldwide

Lists of streets and landmarks named after a person (eponyms) for all countries worldwide with data extracted from openstreetmap and wikipedia summaries.

Emacs workspace management with tab-bar mode

How to group all shells, code, web browser and all other Emacs buffers into different tabs and switch easily between them with tab-bar mode.

A non-standard book list for software developers

A peculiar book list for the adventurous and free-spirited on which to build a solid base for their future software adventures.

Split programmable keyboards

Ditch the classic keyboard and your back and wrist pain together with it. Try a split, fully-programmable keyboard and discover a new world of possibilities. You'll never go back after.

A Lisp adventure on the calm waters of the dead C

Some examples of Lisp features which are non-implementable in C, together with an analysis of the different levels of power between languages.

Vuiet, or the long road to building my own music player

My experience with building my own Emacs, text-based, music player and discovering the build one to throw one away mantra.

Use your palms to press the Control keys in Emacs

Over the years I've learned to use my palm to press the controls keys after some advice I've found online. This is an article encouraging that method to potential users. I've since replaced it with a split keyboard, but it has served me well all this time.

Romanian Translation of Lessons in Electronic Circuits

Romanian translation of the famous Lessons In Electronic Circuits. It includes plenty of material related to electric and electronic circuits and it starts at the very beginning with ample explanations and step by step instructions and real-world examples.