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Larbi Ben M'hidi

Larbi Ben M'hidi 23 Larbi Ben M'hidi, commonly known as Si Larbi or simply as Ben M'hidi, was a prominent Algerian revolutionary leader during the Algerian war of independence. He is one of the six founding members of the Front de Libération Nationale that launched an armed revolt throughout Algeria and issued a proclamation calling for a sovereign Algerian state.

Emir Abdelkader

Emir Abdelkader 20 Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhyi al-Din, known as the Emir Abdelkader or Abd al-Qadir al-Hassani al-Jaza'iri, was an Algerian religious and military leader who led a struggle against the French colonial invasion of Algiers in the early 19th century. As an Islamic scholar and Sufi who unexpectedly found himself leading a military campaign, he built up a collection of Algerian tribesmen that for many years successfully held out against one of the most advanced armies in Europe. His consistent regard for what would now be called human rights, especially as regards his Christian opponents, drew widespread admiration, and a crucial intervention to save the Christian community of Damascus from a massacre in 1860 brought honours and awards from around the world. Within Algeria, he was able to unite many Arab and Berber tribes to resist the spread of French colonization. His efforts to unite the country against French invaders led some French authors to describe him as a "modern Jugurtha", and his ability to combine religious and political authority has led to his being acclaimed as the "Saint among the Princes, the Prince among the Saints".

Mohamed Khemisti

Mohamed Khemisti 18 Mohamed Khemisti was an Algerian politician. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria for nine months, from 1962 prior to his assassination in 1963. He was married to Fatima Khemisti—instrumental in the enactment of the Khemisti Law, which raised the minimum age of marriage in Algeria to 16 for women and 18 for men.

Mourad Didouche

Mourad Didouche 12 Mourad Didouche was an Algerian revolutionary, and a political and military figure of the Algerian War of Independence.

Abane Ramdane

Abane Ramdane 8 Abane Ramdane was an Algerian political activist and revolutionary. He played a key role in the organization of the independence struggle during the Algerian war. His influence was so great that he was known as "the architect of the revolution". He was also the architect of the Soummam conference Bejaia in 1956 and was very close to Frantz Fanon.

Krim Belkacem

Krim Belkacem 8 Krim Belkacem was the historic leader of the National Liberation Front during the Algerian War. As vice-president of the GPRA, he was the sole signatory of the Évian Accords on the Algerian side. After the 1965 coup d'état, he went into exile and was assassinated in Germany in 1970.

Houari Boumédiène

Houari Boumédiène 7 Houari Boumédiène was an Algerian military officer and politician who served as Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Algeria from 19 June 1965 until 12 December 1976 and thereafter as the second president of Algeria until his death in 1978.

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur 7 Louis Pasteur was a French chemist, pharmacist, and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization, the last of which was named after him. His research in chemistry led to remarkable breakthroughs in the understanding of the causes and preventions of diseases, which laid down the foundations of hygiene, public health and much of modern medicine. Pasteur's works are credited with saving millions of lives through the developments of vaccines for rabies and anthrax. He is regarded as one of the founders of modern bacteriology and has been honored as the "father of bacteriology" and the "father of microbiology".

Aïssat Idir

Aïssat Idir 6 Aïssat Idir, né le 11 juin 1915 à Djemâa Saharidj en Kabylie et mort, tué par la France, entre le 25 et 27 juillet 1959 à l'hôpital militaire d'Alger, est un syndicaliste algérien, fondateur de l'UGTA. Il est un martyr de la guerre d'indépendance algérienne.

Hassiba Ben Bouali

Hassiba Ben Bouali 5 Hassiba Ben Bouali was a leader and fighter in the Algerian independence war (1954–62).             

Colonel Amirouche

Colonel Amirouche 5 Amirouche Aït Hamouda, commonly known as Colonel Amirouche, was an Algerian military leader during the Algerian War. He organizied the irregular military of the Wilaya III and is considered a national hero in Algeria.

Benali Boudghène

Benali Boudghène 5 Benali Dghine Boudghene, commonly known as Colonel Lotfi, was born on 5 May 1934 in Tlemcen in Algeria. Benali was an Algerian leader in the Algerian War, organising the Wilaya V from 1958 to 1960. He first worked as a Political leader with the National Liberation Front then moved to fighting in battlefield; he was killed in Béchar by French troops in 1960

Mohammed V of Morocco

Mohammed V of Morocco 4 Mohammed al-Khamis bin Yusef bin Hassan al-Alawi, better known simply Mohammed V, was the last Sultan of Morocco from 1927 to 1953 and from 1955 to 1957, and first King of Morocco from 1957 to 1961. A member of the 'Alawi dynasty, he played an instrumental role in securing the independence of Morocco from France and Spain.

Larbi Tbessi

Larbi Tbessi 4 Larbi Tbessi, whose real name was Larbi Ferhati, born in 1891 in Cheria Tébessa Province, was a revolutionary and reformist Algerian, president of the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulema. He disappeared on April 4, 1957, during the war of Algeria, following his arrest at his Algiers home by civilians disguised paratroopers, the French military are still denying arresting or detaining him.

Mohamed Boudiaf

Mohamed Boudiaf 4 Mohamed Boudiaf, also called Si Tayeb el Watani, was an Algerian political leader and one of the founders of the revolutionary National Liberation Front (FLN) that led the Algerian War of Independence (1954–1962). Boudiaf was exiled soon after Algerian independence, and did not go back to Algeria for 27 years. He returned in 1992 to accept a position of Chairman of the High Council of State, but was assassinated four months later.

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo 3 Victor-Marie Hugo, vicomte Hugo, sometimes nicknamed the Ocean Man, was a French Romantic writer and politician. During a literary career that spanned more than sixty years, he wrote in a variety of genres and forms.

Youcef Zighoud

Youcef Zighoud 3 Youcef Zighoud, also known as Colonel Si Ahmed, was an Algerian FLN party fighter during the Algerian War. On August 20, 1955, he planned an attack against the French occupation in Philippeville and its surroundings commonly referred to as the Battle of Philippeville. The attack led to a harsh crackdown and repression by the French government. While numbers are disputed, the conflict resulted in between 1,239 and 12,000 deaths. Zighoud, from whom the town of Zighoud Youcef takes its name, was killed in Sidi Mezghiche during a clash with the French Army.

Si El Haouès

Si El Haouès 3 Ahmed Ben Abderrazak Hamouda, plus connu sous son nom de guerre, Colonel Si El Haouès, est né en 1923 à M'Chouneche, dans les Aurès et mort au combat le 28 mars 1959 à Djebel Thameur près d'Aïn Fares. Il était colonel au sein de l'Armée de libération nationale (ALN) pendant la Guerre d'Algérie. Il est mort au combat avec le colonel Amirouche Aït Hamouda dans un accrochage contre l'armée française.

Khalid ibn Hashim

Khalid ibn Hashim 3 Khaled ibn Hashimi ibn Hajj Abd al Qadir was the grandson of the military leader Abd al Qadir and was for a time a prominent opponent of the nature of French colonial rule in Algeria.
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