Eponymous street names worldwide1


[1] A curated list of streets and landmarks named after a person (eponyms) for all countries worldwide, sorted by frequency. All data is extracted from openstreetmap, parsed, cleaned and carefully edited by hand.

All text on page is clickable. The names lead to wikipedia articles and numbers display all the countries where the respective name appears in. The title page leads back to the Worldwide view, while the name of the country when not in Worldwide view leads to the github's raw data for the respective country.

In the Worldwide view page, the persons are sorted by the number of countries where they appear at least once. So this is, in a way, the list of the most popular persons in the world (according to street name data, at least). In the Country view, the numbers represent how many streets and landmarks are named after that person, taking into consideration duplicates and affixes like street, square, etc. All similar names refering to the same person are considered a single person.

For more details check the github project page.