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Louis Rwagasore

Louis Rwagasore 2 Louis Rwagasore was a Burundian prince and politician, who served as the second prime minister of Burundi for two weeks, from 28 September 1961 until his assassination on 13 October. Born to the Ganwa family of Burundian Mwami (king) Mwambutsa IV in Belgian-administered Ruanda-Urundi in 1932, Rwagasore was educated in Burundian Catholic schools before attending university in Belgium. After he returned to Burundi in the mid-1950s he founded a series of cooperatives to economically empower native Burundians and build up his base of political support. The Belgian administration took over the venture, and as a result of the affair his national profile increased and he became a leading figure of the anti-colonial movement.

Mwambutsa IV of Burundi

Mwambutsa IV of Burundi 2 Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge was the penultimate king of Burundi who ruled between 1915 and 1966. He succeeded to the throne on the death of his father Mutaga IV Mbikije. Born while Burundi was under German colonial rule, Mwambutsa's reign mostly coincided with Belgian colonial rule (1916–62). The Belgians retained the monarchs of both Rwanda and Burundi under the policy of indirect rule.

Mutaga IV of Burundi

Mutaga IV of Burundi 2 Mutaga IV Mbikije was the king of Burundi from 21 August 1908 until 30 November 1915. He was the son of Mwami Mwezi IV. He inherited the throne at the age of 15, after his father died in 1908, under the regnal name of Mutaga. Being too young to ensure continuity, he ruled with the help of a regency council consisting of another wife of his father, Ririkumutima, and a half-brother of this father, Ntanigera. Mutaga IV died prematurely in November 1915 after a fight that supposedly pitted him against his younger brother, Prince Bangura.
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