Famous people on Congo-brazzaville's street names


Marien Ngouabi

Marien Ngouabi 4 Marien Ngouabi was the fourth President of the Republic of the Congo from January 1, 1969, to March 18, 1977.

Emmanuel Damongo-Dadet

Emmanuel Damongo-Dadet 2 Emmanuel J. Damongo-Dadet was the first Congolese ambassador to the United States and the United Nations. He was born in Impfondo, at the time Congo was the Middle Congo, a colony that was ruled by France. In his early days, he was taught at Brazzaville and went on to become a teacher and director of École Urbaine at Dolisie. A renowned journalist, poet and novelist in his native country, he wrote Congolila, published in 1950, and Panorama Congolais in 1962.
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