Famous people on Jordan's street names


Wasfi Tal

Wasfi Tal 5 Wasfi Tal was a Jordanian politician, statesman and general. He served as the 15th Prime Minister of Jordan for three separate terms, 1962–63, 1965–67 and 1970 until his assassination in 1971.

Abdelhamid Sharaf

Abdelhamid Sharaf 3 Abdelhamid Sharaf, was a Jordanian politician born in Iraq who served as the 24th Prime Minister of Jordan from December 1979 until his death of a heart attack after seven months in office. King Hussein announced the death in a live radio broadcast and said that "His death could not have come at a worse time." Sharaf was ambassador to the United States (1967–1972), Canada (1969–1972) and the United Nations (1972–1976).
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